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    Episode 75 – Live from MIND / WAVE L.A with Kelly MacLean and Michael Donovan

    Hope you’re right smack dab in the middle of an excellent week.

    Today’s episode of Synchronicity was recorded live in L.A. at the MIND / WAVE event on March 18th.

    I’ll admit to being a little nervous about how the event would turn out, but in the end it couldn’t have gone any better.

    It was such an incredible time meeting so many of the podcasters on MindPod Network for the first time. Being able to put faces to names in 3D reality is never a bad thing.

    If you missed the event and wanted to attend, we’ll be doing more of these very soon.

    But back to the episode…

    In this episode, I sat down with Kelly MacLean from The Tao of Comedy and Michael Donovan from Walking Home to discuss spiritual elitism, the meaning of life and the importance of community.

    It was the highlight my trip (which is really saying something considering how good and cheap the weed is out there!)

    Subscribe to The Tao of Comedy with Kelly MacLean here:

    Subscribe to Walking Home with Michael Donovan here:

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