Episode 70 – High Times with Sean Dunne

    This week’s episode is a little bit different.

    Last week I met up with my friend and MindPod Network compatriot Sean Dunne and his wonderful producer and girlfriend, Cass Greener at their apartment in Greenpoint, Brooklyn.

    Sean and Cass are expert documentarians. Be sure to check out there work over at Very Ape TV, where all of their films are available for free.

    We partook in the devil’s weed and a had a pretty free-form and ranging conversation touching on concepts like music, psychedelics and the current global situation (whatever that means!)

    One facet of our conversation that I found particularly interesting is when Sean mentioned he thought he could give everything up and become a monk at any time.

    This touches on the subject of being an ascetic or being “in the world.”

    Anyone who’s had some type of transcendental experience has come across the feeling that it might be best to give it all up and head to a cave in the Himalays, but is that the right thing to do?

    Also, I’d like to point out that 80% of this episode is just me yacking so if you’re not into that sorry!


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