Synchronicity Playlist #10 – March 27

I’d be lying if I said it was easy to put this many awesome songs together in a way that made sense, but hey, this is what ya gotta do sometimes.





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  • Justin Justin bo Bustin

    Noah mentioned a genre of shamanic music played at Burning Man in his podcast with Kelly Nezat.
    Does anyone know it? Is there any of it in this playlist?

      • Justin Justin bo Bustin

        Thanks Noah. This is very good! It reminds me of Tranquility Bass who I miss deeply. Do you know is there is a genre/label associated with this so I can find more similar music? I think you mentioned one in the podcast, but I didn’t see anything in the show notes.

        • lee burridge’s, ‘all day i dream’ label is really great for this type of stuff

          • Justin Justin bo Bustin

            Pureland is you? I like it better than most of the music on robot heart radio on soundcloud. I wonder how it is different. I tend to like turntablism more than electronica although early Orb is amazing. Is there a style that describes Pureland? I’d love to get more music like that.

          • Yeah, pure land is me. don’t exactly know the style, but i’m releasing an EP later this year!

          • Justin Justin bo Bustin

            Good luck! Are you going to be on bandcamp?

          • that’s the plan!

        • also, i didn’t mean to post links to my music. if you check out the likes on my page there’s a ton of stuff. stuff out of the robot hear camp is excellent and all on soundcloud.