Episode 2 – Dustin Marshall


On the second episode of Synchronicity, Noah sits down with producer, engineer and the secret genius behind Feral Audio, Dustin Marshall. Topics discussed on this episode listed below for you to read:

  1. Peaks and valleys associated with running an independent and not evil podcast network
  2. Mental Health / Mental Illness
  3. What is this whole reality thing anyway?

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  • I definitely relate to much of how Dustin feels from a depression perspective, however he is much more open about it. The thought of suicide, though never attempted, has still crossed my mind no less than once a day since I was a preteen, and even before that I can’t remember a time where I didn’t think about life and death. I think Dustin is a wonderful guy, but I truly believe that his Option 3 to opt out early should not be an option. Yes admittedly I am very much a coward when it comes to wanting to get it over with early, but it definitely would’ve been over a really long time ago if I really wanted it to be. I’m glad you’re still here Dustin, Thank fuck for yourself and FeralAudio :-)…Another great episode Noah, thank you for keeping spirits up during this.

    • Great points and thanks for the continued support!

      I’d never outright argue with someone that suicide is not an option (and maybe in some end of life cases it should be an option!), although from my experience I also tend to view it as not an option.

      It’s not always easy, but I try as best as I’m able to look at the dark aspects of life and see them as learning opportunities instead of curses. Again, I wish I could say I had a high success rate with that approach during shitty experiences, but alas, no such luck. Still, in retrospect it’s easier to view them as lessons.

      It’s also hard to adequately express the type of suffering depression inflicts on people and for that reason I’ve adopted the tread lightly approach when talking about mental illness with others. I think your comments are right on point though.

      One of the great things I’ve learned since being alive is nothing is permanent and that most of our troubles come from us thinking that things/feelings/states of mind are.

      Again, thanks for listening and commenting!

      • Agreed from top to bottom brother