Synchronicity Reading List

If you’ve listened to an episode of Synchronicity you know I love books.

That’s why I’ve put together various lists (broken down by category) of some of my favorite books.

The inspiration for this page came from James Clear and his 100 Good Books page. And by “inspiration” I mean I blatantly ripped off his concept but the books are different so you know, whatever.


I. Start Here: Great Books

Here are some of my favorite books. Tap/Click the links below to jump to a specific category.

1. Great Books

2. Great Nonfiction Books

3. Great Fiction Books

4. Great Authors

5. Book Summaries (coming soon!)


II. Great Nonfiction Books

These are the best nonfiction books listed by category.

1. Great Spiritual Books

2. Great Psychology Books

3. Great Philosophy Books

4. Great Buddhism Books

5. Great Psychedelic Books

6. Great Leadership Books


III. Great Authors

If you’re anything like me when you find a great author you want to read everything by them. Below check out my favorite books from my favorite authors.

1. Carl Jung

2. Marie-Louise von Franz

3. Chogyam Trungpa

4. Ram Dass

5. Pema Chodron

6. Sharon Salzberg

7. Rudolf Steiner

8. Joseph Campbell