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September 20th, 2017

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Why enroll in Creative Evolution?

Learn how to start, develop and finish your creative projects

Access creative focus, discipline and confidence

Make time your friend

Discover a community of supportive creatives

What’s preventing you from tapping your creative potential?

    "I don't have enough time to pursue my creative passion."

    "I'm not good at finishing projects."

    "I know I'm a creative person, I just have trouble putting it all together."

    "I have trouble defining clear goals and executing ideas."

    "I don't have people who support my creative projects."

    "I'm not really creative."

    "I start doing one thing, then find myself doing something else."

Why This Course Works

Hi, my name is Noah.

I developed this course after my friends and I uncovered solutions to our own creative struggles.

Over the years I've spent a lot of time, money and energy trying to figure out how to finish various creative projects (music, writing, websites, business ideas, etc...)

I was constantly on the lookout for resources, books, people and websites that could help me get over some of the hurdles that continuously seemed to trip me up.

Hurdles like losing momentum, lack of time and confidence issues haunted me like really annoying ghosts.

Worst of all, was leaving promising creative projects unfinished.

I really wanted to start and complete my projects so I dove headfirst into resources that helped with certain key concepts.

But ultimately I'd find myself in the familiar place of not doing what I wanted to be doing.

Today, I have dozens of thousands of people downloading my podcast Synchronicity each month, people paying me for music I make and a thriving and growing podcast network.

Most importantly, I'm finally sustaining creative momentum.

Which includes finishing projects I start.

So what happened?

Two simple principles turned my creative life around.

One was starting a daily creative practice.

The second was finding people who encouraged and helped me along the way.

That's where Creative Evolution was born.

- Noah Lampert


"It was really helpful to read the text and to see a lot of my own struggles be articulated so thoughtfully by someone else. This made me realize how universal some of my creative struggles were, which was really relieving."

- Lauren B.

" I learned amazing tips and tricks for working with time constraints and developing the right mindset. "

- Stephanie P.

"Listening to the audio files was very helpful as well. The optimistic-yet-real and casual manner in which the insights were presented was incredibly accessible and relatable. The exercises were great because they were never daunting.

- Jeremy C.

" I haven't written this much in years. It provided a beautiful framework and community support. It also illuminated creativity being a spiritual practice for me, and seeing the interplay between the two. That meant a lot :) "

- Ellie A.

Sneak Preview

Course Overview

    Week 1: Forming and Maintaining a Creative Practice

    Week 2: Momentum, Time and Focus

    Week 3: Hurdling One Big Obstacle and Identifying Creative Principles

    Week 4: Community (for Full and Immsersive Course Participants)

Cost & Pricing

[stripe name="Creative Evolution" description="Creative Evolution Email Course" payment_button_label="Enroll" amount="8500"]
[stripe name="Creative Evolution" description="Creative Evolution Full Course" payment_button_label="Enroll" amount="19900"] [stripe name="Creative Evolution" description="Creative Evolution Full Course" payment_button_label="Enroll" amount="49800"]
Tested and proven creative exercises 12 13 13
eBook with resources and 12 chapters designed to help you start and maintain a creative practice delivered via email over 28 days delivered at the beginning of the course delivered at the beginning of the course
Audio Book with 13 Chapters (2+ hours of lessons and exercises available as download or stream)
Go at your own pace or follow along with the class
Access to the Creative Evolution private Facebook Community
Access to two live online group discussions during the course
Two 60-minute 1-to-1 creative coaching sessions with Noah
Noah Lampert

Noah Lampert is a multi-disciplinary creative living in the Hudson Valley of New York. A graduate of Berklee College of Music, since 2012 Noah has primarily worked as a new media strategist, helping businesses grow their online reach and revenue streams.

In 2014, Noah co-founded MindPod Network, a podcast network dedicated to providing discussions about creativity and spirituality.

Noah hosts the popular podcast, Synchronicity, which to date has been downloaded over 300,000 times.